20 Sweet Potato Recipes; One Book

A few months ago, my kitchen was taken over by tubers. 

Now, the fruit of those many hours of recipe developing and testing has arrived: my Sweet Potatoes book, published by Short Stack Editions

My pal and former coworker, Nick Fauchald, launched Short Stack in the summer of 2013, along with creative director Rotem Raffe and editor/also-pal Kaitlyn Goalen.

Their concept is inspired: 48-page recipe booklets focused on a single ingredient. Nick asked me to write one, and we winnowed the choice down to one of my favorite vegetables, sweet potatoes. 

There are savory recipes, like Sweet-Potato Gnocchi with Marjoram-Almond Sauce and Shepherd's Pie. There are sweet recipes, like Thanksgiving Casserole with Ginger Meringue and Sweet-Potato Jam. 

There are a lot fewer orange roots mounded on my counters these days. I hope the book inspires you to welcome new ways with sweet potatoes into your own kitchen.